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Special offers for May





  • SKF. Bearings, belt rollers, belt kits
    SKF is a producer of wheel bearings, velocity joints, belt pulleys and belt sets. Its experience for over a century has made SKF a leading Company in its field and guarranties the best quality for customers. There are more than 48 000 people working in SKF in 28 countries.

  • TRW. Axle, steering and brake parts
    Car parts producer with the highest quality standards. Premium quality brake discs, brake pads, calipers, steering joints etc. for discount prices. 


  • KYB. Shock absorbers
    KYB is one of the largest shock absorber producers in the world. More than a million shock absorbers are made by KYB every week. The roots are in Japan but European market is supplied from the factory in Germany. Every fourth car in the world drives KYB shock absorbers. 


  • TOTAL. Мotor oils.
    Motor oils of the highest quality. Total - one of the largest companies in the world for the production of oils. Supports many teams in motorsports, including, is the sponsor of the team-champion Red Bull in Formula 1. Promotional prices for the entire range. Offer available in Oils and lubricants section.


  • LUK Clutch parts
    Clutch discs, pressure plates, releasers etc. Clutch parts from LUK for discount prices.


  • BOSCH.  All products
    A wide range of automotive parts from the world's most famous manufacturer. Parts of the brake system, spark plugs, fuel pumps, sensors, filters and many other products from Bosch. Discounts on most of Bosch products.
    You can find offer in the Catalog section accordingly to Your car model.

Offer available in catalog accordingly to a specific car model and in Oils and lubricants section.
*   Offer valid from 01.05.2018 until 31.05.2018.
** Discounts are not to be summed with other discounts or offers.


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