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Special offers for April





  • SKF. Bearings, belt rollers, belt kits
    SKF is a producer of wheel bearings, velocity joints, belt pulleys and belt sets. Its experience for over a century has made SKF a leading Company in its field and guarranties the best quality for customers. There are more than 48 000 people working in SKF in 28 countries.

  • REMSA. Brake pads
    Quality for reasonable price. Made in Spain. Meets all European quality and safety standarts. REMSA is a doughter company of TRW, often uses the same materials. Discounts for all REMSA parts. 

  • MONROE. Shock absorbers
    One of the leaders in shock absorbers field in the world, inventing and offering solutions for a comfortable ride for almost a century long. Monroe creates innovations for every-day-vehicles as well as for sports cars and that is why it stands beside the best known automotive brands in the world.


  • FILTRON. Filters
    Discounts for almost all Filtron filters.
    Filtron is a world wide automotive filter producer since 1982. Filtron has a product range for more than 2300 types of filters. Quality has been set to highest standards of car brands and has been systematically tested. Filtrons mother company WIX Filters is the largest filter producer in America.

  • FUCHS. Motor oil
    The FUCHS Group was founded in Germany in 1931, has been constantly expanding and is now one of the largest independent producers of oils and lubricants in the world. The company has international recognition for its innovative solutions in the development of lubricants and the production of products related to the industry. The Fuchs Group has its factories in more than 40 countries.
    The FUCHS group provides the highest quality lubricants for various industries. From underground mines to complex metal structures, including for the automotive industry and for developers of space components. FUCHS offers products that meet the specialized needs of customers. The company also supplies oil for the initial lubrication of automotive parts from Mercedes-Benz. Improved productivity and safety, reduced costs and environmental impact are just some of the achievements that FUCHS products provide.

  • FREMAX.  Brake discs
    The largest manufacturer of brake discs in South America. Fremax brake discs have an increased carbon content, which increases the efficiency of the brake discs and significantly reduces the amount of rust. Fremax is also famous for the patented way of packaging its products. 

Offer available in catalog accordingly to a specific car model and in Oils and lubricants section.
*   Offer valid from 01.04.2018 until 30.04.2018.
** Discounts are not to be summed with other discounts or offers.


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